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Valued Partnerships

With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. Hire Inherited Truths and rest assured you’ll be pleased with your legacy video, just like our past clients, who you can read more about below. 

Old and Young

Ida Williams

Lasting Impact

It was such a wonderful process. The questions were so well thought of and made me think of things I haven't thought of since I was a girl. 

Grandfather and Child Fishing

Mark Moore

Professional Guidance

For my video they met me out at the lake where I take my grandchildren fishing. If I were to do it again I would probably do it indoors because it was really windy that day.

Three Generations

Margaret Sinclair

Creative Synergy

My girls are everything to me and the additional photography package meant the world to me. I know that these pictures and the video we made will be around long after I'm gone. 

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